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We all need nurturing, to have a chance to continue to grow!

 Helping them to grow

 As vital and important as it is to get the right building blocks in place, a child can become overwhelmed with problems and stress in their little lives from Primary School right through to High School, causing them to present behaviour that might be considered unacceptable within the home or school.

Therapy can help.  Integrative arts psychotherapy enables the child to express and explore the deep felt emotions through the arts; painting, clay, playdoh, sand-tray work, and therapeutic play, in a safe and confidential place.

 Skilled therapeutic intervention can help the child to bring the emotions into the room, with the therapist, helping to free the child of the emotional baggage; in expressible worry, that has overwhelmed the child’s inner world.

Bereavement, anxiety, stress, sadness, separation divorce, loss, moving home, a new brother, sister, father or mother call all be too, too much to cope with!  Yet the child may not be able to put into words what is wrong with them.  Asking the question, “What’s a matter with you?” Can cause them to close-down or even explode  with frustration and anger at being able to ‘talk about it’.

Sometimes we carelessly say to adults, “Stop living in the past!” The reply, “I’m not, the past is living in me!”  We need to help a child to get the inside out, to liberate them from their past or even present experiences.