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Frequently asked questions

Q How long is a therapy session?

Normally a session is 50 minute, although the first session could be up to 90 minute to gather information about your child

Q How many session will I need?

It is important for us to sit down together and talk through the issues and then agree an initial period

Q How do I make an appointment?

Call or SMS 07986 264 543

Q Can I see you in the evening?

Yes, there are a limited number of session slots

Q Do you see adults?

Yes, regularly!

Q What will it cost me?

A 50 minute session will cost £60

Q My daughter is 4-yeas old, can you see her?

Yes of course. I see all ages.

Q What sort of therapist are you?

Clive’s approach is an Integrative approach, concentrating on the here-and-now and includes elements of Dyadic Development Psychotherapy.  As part of the therapy session he may creatively use drawing, images, clay and sand-tray work. The therapeutic relationship is central to his non-judgemental, empathic approach.  When working with a family he may incorporate a combination of playful, acceptance and empathy.

Q Is there disabled access?

Yes, at the ‘practice room’ in Highfields Church.

Q How can I help a family that is struggling with relational issues, when they can’t afford to pay?

You can arrange to pay for the therapy session, through your bank. Inside Out Bank details are shown on the Contact Page